Please help with my open floor plan color scheme!

11 years ago

So I have been struggling with nailing down the paint color scheme for my open floor plan area of kitchen/living/family/corridor/foyer. It is all painted SW toasted almont now, which is like a light light beigey cream. There is a lot of light in these rooms in the daytime, nice and bright! The corridor is fairly dark in terms of light. I love color and dont mind having some bold colors. I do have a blue-gray in my master bed and am thinking of baby turtle (green) for my guest bed.

The color scheme in my mind for this area is like a dark chocolate brown walls in the living area, a golden tan in the corridors and foyer, and the kitchen TBD. I could then purple and orange accents all over here.

Please tell me what you see going on in these rooms. I am so so stumped, I need help!

Here are some pictures...

Entry to the house:

The foyer i.e. the other side of the above brown door:

Family room part of the open area:

(The end wall opens to a wooden patio. The couch needs to stay, but the rug can optionally move to another room. The TV cant go on top of the mantle as it is going to be too high. The paintings above the mantle can be repurposed to elsewhere.)

Couch up close...

Dining room part:

(Rug can optionally be repurposed to another room)



Bonus picture of the king of the house:

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