Help with bungalow living room layout and new furniture!

7 years ago

We are finally, finally getting new living room furniture for our little house--hooray! I'm hoping to take the opportunity to completely rethink how we use the space in this room, however. I would love some ideas on how you would configure furniture in this space to try to create some more distinct "zones," and what pieces you might choose.

Here's our space, with a little snippet of the adjoining rooms shown for context. It's roughly 20' by 12'. (House is 1250 sf 2BR/1BA, so what you can't see is just the DR and kitchen on the left and bath and master bedroom on the right.) The window at the top is a large picture window that runs most of the length of the room. Right now, we just have one long sofa up against the window, which faces a television/media cabinet that takes up most of the blank wall on the lower right. Not a great use of space, but that was the furniture we had when we moved in. We're keeping the media cabinet (in its current location) since it fits the style of the house and that's pretty much the only place in the room to put a television anyway.

With the new layout/furniture, I'd like to create dual focal points--the television since functionally that has to work, but also the fireplace/built-ins. When we have company, we frequently bring in dining chairs and ring the room with them, and definitely have a need for more people-oriented seating. So we are either looking at a pair of smaller sofas/loveseats or possibly a sectional (still lukewarm on that since house is 1915 Arts & Crafts and that feels quite modern, though, in addition to being more challenging to reuse in a future house). I'd also like to figure out a way to effectively divide this room in two--not physically divide it, but be able to set up the space on the left as a play area with table and chairs, easel, etc. for our preschooler and not feel like it's bleeding into the main LR space (as it does now with no sense of division). One idea was to put a low bookcase or sofa table against a sofa facing the fireplace, but not sure how well that would work. The entryways into the foyer and dining room do not have doors so those are just open framed spaces.

Any wise thoughts on how to use space more efficiently in a small house? What furniture would you choose here, and how would you orient it?

Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

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