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Name of that (vintage) vanilla milk flavoring- grainy stuff

16 years ago

Before Nestle Quik, there was this stuff...can't think of the name...we used to put in our milk to flavor came in a tall jar- very similar to the tall jar that Maxwell House coffee used to come in- it was a grainy yellowish substance, and it had a paper seal on the top of the had the same paper seal...

Anyone got any ideas?

...and while we're at it, wanna take a trip down memory lane and start a fun thread about what products we used to have in the house that aren't around anymore? Like these:

-Zarex (actually, I think you might still be able to get this stuff)

-"Sugar" Corn Pops, and Super "Sugar" Crisp, and "Sugar" Frosted Flakes...they've taken that off the product name

-Yum-Yums (these were nearly identical to Girl Scout "Samoas")

-Romper Stompers

-Junket (pre-"Jello")

What did you have that you miss?

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