Kitchen Layout from KD - Please Advise

9 years ago

Here is the layout I received from the kitchen designer. The kitchen sink faces out to the backyard; to the left is our only dining room, and then to the left of the dining is the family room; to the bottom is our living room. There is a counter-height island with a 15" overhang. The island cabs are just drawers over doors. To the lower left is a microwave cab and broom closet.

KD Plan:

KD's Elevation:

I must have miscalculated in my cabinet dimensions, but I originally had planned on having the following, which to make now would require another 6" of cabinets.

My Plan:

Now I'm wondering if the KD's plan does not make more sense. If I do my idea, I have to move the window to the right, which makes the uppers surrounding the window really asymmetrical. Further, it puts a lot of activity right between the fridge and sink--unloading the dishwasher, getting to the fridge, unloading flatware from the drawer base, etc.

If we keep the KD's plan, I want to modify it to put a trash pullout to the left of the sink--but that's too big of an space, isn't it? If I put an 18" trash pullout, then what do I do with the 12" left over? I don't see a better place for the pullout.

Finally, in this case, should I stagger the uppers? We'll have 9' ceilings. Not sure what finish for the cabs yet.

Thanks so much for any thoughts.

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