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Recommendations for top 3 older sewing machines

16 years ago

Several years ago I haunted some online sewing forums trying to figure out sewing, machines etc. I found that Bernina, Viking and Pfaff seem to be the "big 3" in machines but no way could afford one. I did however, after quite a search, find an old Pfaff 1229 in a small town being sold by a guy that fixed machines sort of part time. He had a garage full of this and that and after fixing the foot pedal I got it for like 75.00. Best luck I think I've ever had though I put a lot of work into the search so I sort of made my luck too.

Different state now, friend wants me to do the same thing for her. She's going to do basic home, garment straight stitch stuff.

I am looking for older (or newer but would be in the used market) model number types to search for. Those old basic good machines that run well. Hopefully that you can still get most parts for. Also, every company, no matter how good, occassionally puts out a flawed design so if you know of anything to stay away from I'd appreciate that too.



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