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RECIPE: why do diabetic desserts have all that sugar?

18 years ago

My DH was diagnosed with diabetes about4-5 years ago. It's funny how a man who never had much of a yen for sweets for most of his life suddenly started asking for dessert when he was supposed to stay away from sugar.

I found over and over that diabetic dessert recipies usually cut the fat and left the sugar in. Low carb recipies took out the sugar and used a lot of fat, or sugar free jello. DH let me know pretty fast that a man can take just so much mousse and jello.

I wound up having to make up my own recipies, some things have worked well,

A few tips for any who are trying to adapt cake recipies to low sugar or sugar free.

I read a comparison of sugar substitutes when used in baking. SUGAR TWIN won in taste tests when used in baking cakes, even when the same people hated the taste of it in their drinks.

When baking a cake, I found that usually throwing in an extra beaten egg white to the recipe makes the cake lighter in texture. When you cut the sugar and substitute artificial sweetners, the cakes tend to get hard and heavy.

I've also learned that if you use even just 1 or 2 tbl of sugar when beating eggs or egg whites it makes a HUGE difference in texture, much more like a REAL cake.

I've also tried the half and half mixing of Splenda and sugar a couple of times and it turned out ok, but DH always nags there any sugar in this?

By the way, he's been well within normal healthy numbers for the past 3 years.

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