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oil absorbtion

16 years ago

I have been making 2 therapeutic creams for hands , cuts rashes etc for who knows how long. these recipes use wheat germ oil, so a pretty good shelf life for them, that is the only preservative and they use little water.

Some friends don't like the odor of the wheat germ, but they admit it does work.

Anyway, I really like the Shea butter and made some whipped Shea with grapeseed oil, glycerin and Eo's, no water.

I thought this combo would be a nice summer mousse and quickly absorbed. I understand john Q public is not accustom to true natural creams where the first ingredient is not water. But I would like to concot a moosse that absorbs as quick as store bought creams. I read somewhere about cornstarch removes that oil feeling, has anyone ever tried that? I really don't want to add a chemical mold retardent and want that quick as alcohol absorbtion.

Anyone have suggestions?


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