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Leveling a basement floor

17 years ago

My basement floor is not level. I had a concrete leveling company out to look at it, and they said they could only partially raise the concrete. Then they would put a layer of self-leveling concrete on top to bring it all level. Well, the project got delayed due to cold weather, and by the time I talked to the fellow again, he told me he had come back out and looked at it again, and said he was unwilling to do the work because he didn't think they could achieve a good result. He suggested having the entire slab taken out and repoured. He grudgingly said I could pour self-leveling concrete on the sunken area.

This is a fully finished basement and the sunken area is only about 10'x12'. The previous owners actually had that portion taken out and repoured, but ignored the drainage problems outside. I have since installed a french drain and the floor seems to be stable, but I would hate to have expensive work done and have it fail again.

What I would like to do is peal back the carpet and pour self-leveling concrete. However, the lowest point is probably close to 3" lower. This is much more than the self-leveling is designed for. I read here about using small boards to enclose the pour area, and to use a latex additive.

What else can I do to make this a DIY project? Would it help to add fiberglass filaments? Something else to strengthen it? Will it work if I do three 1" layers?

Thanks for any suggestions! --Kris

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