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is 12x14' master bedroom too small?

9 years ago

Hello, all
I have been suffering this site for a while, always amazed what fresh ideas you can get from it. I appreciated that you taking times help others to get best of their space. I have a question keeping me awake sometime in the night. We are planning to re-do the master bathroom and closet this year. So I am researching ideas and items on line a lot. Current bathroom is very small and the vanity is actually in the bed room. The shower and toilet in the closet with a pocket door. We can steal some space from bedroom to enlarge the bathroom and closet. In this case we can make bedroom 13 x14 feet with 11x11 feet as bathroom and closet, the bathroom will have signal sink vanity. If we reduce bedroom to 12x14 feet then we can have double vanity and bigger closet. I have not lived in the small bed rooms after my college years, even when I was renting, the bedroom seems always feel spacious. Our current setup give me about 16x14 bedroom space, it is not big, but comfortable. When I look our furniture which we do not have a lot ( Queen bed, nights and dresser used as entertainment center) and imaginging the wall next against my night stand, I feel pressed in. Is anyone have small master bedroom like my and do not feel too cramped?

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