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Overwhelmed, need ideas, and yes this is lengthy!

12 years ago

Help us Please!

For the past two months we have been working on our new home needed a few things upgraded to allow a finance, we settled yesterday!

We have replaced all the windows, updated electric, stripped all the wall papers and have repaired the cracks in the old plaster (Two rooms we hung new drywall ceilings)

My first room I am stuck on is the first room you enter into the house (The main entrance is by the stairs)

We plan on carpet in this room and up the stairs

Continuing in the upstairs hallway

we are thinking greens or tans to medium browns for carpet colors for the whole run.

Of course this brings up paint treatments had a couple ideas but am not sure yet if these are good ones or if I want to consider something totally different.

First rich honey brown carpet and some shade of a yellow a golden yellow paint.

We are also considering a dark or light green carpet and a complimentary green paint

No matter what we do I will keep the woodwork as it is, here is a couple closer samples of the wood

One other idea I was considering, I have mixed feelings on would be using this paper for the upper half wall in the first room

then running a chair rail and a complimentary paint for the lower half, then using the lower paint color up the stairway walls and down the hall. I like this paper but do not really think it is right for this era home, I also wonder if it is too country? so I am mixed up on this idea.

Topping it off I have a bedroom I still can not decide a direction to take

other bedrooms are a floral mixed and a yellow geometric Victorian pattern upper wall with sort of a burnt orange lower, with a small chair rail type divider, does not sound all that but it looks much like a Victorian paper and with the wood work is actually going to be very pretty! Have no idea for this room which is going to be our room (Will go with wood floor and an area rug and I will consider painting the flooring for the right option in here) If we find the right one I would like to get a good old fashioned brass bed for in here but that is subject to what we find.

I do have several other wallpapers we purchased, could be used as hall or whole walls, If anyone wants I can show what these look like

I really appreciate any thoughts on either area or both, I am stumped and yet we need to have several rooms done so we can move in before August. Even if your suggestion would not be the one for me, it may help kick me to give me a new idea I really am very much open to suggestion, I am stuck and the clock is ticking!

Wish I had pictures without the plaster and drywall dust, the wood work is actually pretty good shape especially considering how old it is.

Think it will be about a year before we really have everything about reasonable But I think it will be very much worth it when it does finally get there!

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