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24''deep counters meet 30'' deep 'counter-depth' fridge...

13 years ago

Urgent! Fridge died before plans are finalized for kitchen reno, and we're scrambling!

Does anyone have experience recessing a fridge in the wall behind to keep the door a little more in line with the front edge of the counters? I'm worried that boxing in the back may interfere with the unit's heat exchange requirements. I called Customer Service - no help whatsoever, but ya' gotta try!

I had assumed that 'counter-depth' was more of an absolute dimension and less of a personal opinion! If the new fridge sticks out that far it will interfere with access to the pantry doorway. It's a galley kitchen, and 30''D counters are not remotely possible.

I've posted in Appliances as well, because we're desperate to resolve this ASAP. What I wouldn't give to have a little more square footage to play with!

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