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Desperately Seeking Father's Day Fabric

15 years ago

I am a former quilter, after my stroke I found all of the planning and math just too much work. I am now turning my huge stash into collars for retired racing greyhounds. I do not take any money for my collars. Last year I made and donated 500 collars to greyhound rescue organizations. One of the most popular things that I do is sewing a year of collars and donating it for benefit auctions (one collar for each month - covered with fabric coordinated with the major holiday that month.) I can't believe I have to say this - but I didn't buy enough of the fabric that I use for Father's Day and I will soon run out!!! The fabric was made 3-5 years ago and it was red with words about father's and dads all over it - it said "Pop", "Dad", "Daddy-O", "Poppy", etc in many colors and many fonts. I need at least two more yards - I would be willing to buy a bolt if anyone finds one lying about in their favorite quilt shop. I will pay for it or trade many ready-to-sew quilts that I have in my stash - I have quite a few I-Spy quilts cut - I will never assemble them now. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide.

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