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sewing a greeting card?

13 years ago

Hi everyone. I thought it would be fun to make a greeting card out of fabric on my sewing machine for my grandmother. I want to use some decorative stitches and use some of the built in letters on my sewing machine combined with some freehand writing for the "message". I think on the front cover, I want to make a small 12 square mini quilt and then applique it on the "card" with a decorative stitch, maybe put some stuffing under it for visual effect and texture before I applique it to the card. I want to do the entire edge of the card with one of the scallop stitches on my machine and then trim it. I want it to be all made of fabric, no paper at all.

So, I just wonder if any of you have done anything like this before? I've never appliqued before, but I assume I need to go to Joannes and buy some stabilizer? Is applique stabilizer different than embroidery stabilizer? Do you have any idea what I should put between the layers of the card so has a little structure and support? I don't think I want it to just be floppy material! If you have any suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate them! If I make it , I'll post pictures. It's just an idea right, now, but usually when I get an idea like this, I get obsessed for the first little bid and then lose interest or get frustrated and forget about it. I just thought this would be a fun way to enjoy my sewing machine and give my grandma something that lets her know how I feel about her that his homemade from the heart.


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