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Exterior repaint 101 questions from newbie--caulk? sander?

Chris Stromberger
17 years ago

Complete diy newbie here but eager to learn the right techniques. We might repaint the outside of our house (brick house, so just eaves and trim and garage doors). Old paint is peeling badly. I have never undertaken any diy project like this (this is our first house). So, some basic questions:

1. I have heard you should caulk some part of the exterior before painting. Can anyone clarify the purpose of the caulk? What type of caulk do you get? We have some new roof overhang--new eaves and fascia that was replaced (got a new roof put on, and some of the existing wood was rotted, so they replaced it). Do we caulk the gaps between the new wood up there? Just need some basic pointers here.

2. What is the best type of sander for this type of project?

Thanks for any tips!


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