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Storing table leaves in pantry closet?

14 years ago

When we began this overhaul and addition project, I made up a list of items that were to be stored in the new kitchen closet. First among them was the vacuum cleaner and second was the dehydrator and blancher and other items used for processing garden veg. But the table leaves for our dining room table were also on the list.

We sometimes use the leaves a number of times a month but sometimes go for many months without hauling them out from under the double bed downstairs where they're currently stored. When we have houseguests, the leaves may remain on the table for days, but we always shrink that table down after they're gone. In my present time of life, I lug them by myself and set table without another set of arms.

Now we're building that closet and it's become smaller than planned because we're moving a passageway doorway into that space also. It seems that the slimmed down closet can still accept a 6-inch deep 50-inch high channel or pocket or whatever you call it along one wall, but it will interrupt the precious below-shoulder shelving capacity. We're talking about lining it with white felt or something of the sort and making two big drawstring bags to put the leaves into so that they are protected.

One of my goals in this remodel is for it to allow an 85 year old lady to use the house comfortably, so this pocket in the closet means that precious floor-level access space is being sacrificed to the blinkin' table leaves, but I don't know where else to put the leaves. That lady might not set table without some help, but I do it at 63 and I really want these leaves closer at hand.


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