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Advice for sealing down flap on porch rubber roof?

14 years ago


Our first floor porch has a "single-ply rubber roofing" (identified in our house inspection). We are first-time homeowners and newbies, so I don't know much more about the material than that. :-)

I was in the second-floor room above the porch one windy day, and noticed that there is an edge of a rubber piece of the roof flapping up and down in the wind. It's not the roof edge itself, but it looks like where one piece was laid down overlapping another, and it is part of that overlap that is flapping.

We think that we should seal it down somehow. What should we use to do that? Should we call in an expert or is this something we can address ourselves?

And if our thinking is wrong, I'll take your good advice on what we should best be doing!

Thanks in advance,

Lee Anne

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