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Need advice--recovering patio chair

18 years ago

I'm not a beginning seamstress, probably more like intermediate--or maybe not. LOTS of stuff I have no idea how to do. So I need some advice.

I received a patio set through freecyclers recently. It's in good condition except: one of the chairs is missing the seat. All of the chairs will soon be missing seats and/or backs as well. It's plastic weaving that's breaking apart in the elements.

I have on hand a few yards of cream-colored bull denim. When I bought it (for ~$1/yd) to make curtains with, I hadn't realized quite how heavy it was until I started actually working with it... It's way too heavy for curtains, IMO. Might be just right for this purpose?

Although, cream-colored on outdoor furniture... hm. I think I'd either want to dye it a darker color OR make it removable so I can wash it.

Which do you think would be better?

If it's a good idea to make it removable, what method would you choose? and where would you put the "connectors"?

Any comments would be much appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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