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Treadle Sewing Machine (with spinner head attachment)

12 years ago

Hi guys,

was debating if this was a question for the sewing or spinning forum. but it has to do mostly with the treadle.

when i try to treadle, and push forward, it either goes backwards or forwards, seemingly without rhyme or reason. sometimes i'll be in rhythm, and then it will just go backwards. what is up with THAT? no control. no levers. its really old, thats all i know.

also, when i'm spinning, the yarn breaks. ALOT. and so i unwind a bit of it, to pass it back through the whole in order to grab the end and add more unspun top to it. but then usually another foot breaks off, and so on and so on. whats going on!?

hope someone can help!

thanks SO much :).

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