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Nightmare! Received cabinets, found Lowe's used wrong measurement

9 years ago

Lowe's people came this afternoon and gave me a very absurd explanation. They verified the width of kitchen where the peninsular goes is indeed only 135.5''(instead of 137.5'' as they had), but they do NOT think it is a mismeasure, because the contractor measured the width only on one end the kitchen, and he blames the room not being square when framed. According to Lowe's, there is no mismeasure, because they did not take any measure for that part of kitchen. How convenient for them!

The location and size of the fireplace was a 'guess' of the designer, because the contractor did not think we are going to put cabinets close to the fireplace based on our preliminary design. I ask them how is that possible that we have a fixed design before the contractor measure the dimension of the room? Changes of layout must be expected. Lowe's people answers: Lowe's contractor doesn't come out twice for measurement, and apparently they don't border to verify the measure even after I raised some concern.

Even before they verify the width, they want to sell 'a simple' solutions to me by cutting fillers and corners:
1\ cut out the fillers and gain 'maybe' 1-2'';
2\ cut the panel next to the dishwasher, gain 'maybe' 1-2'' and install the power outlet behind the dishwasher(which was not an option when we designed the kitchen, due to safety concern, and we have to order a $200 panel in order to have a power outlet);
3\ cut a 10'' by 10'' triangle on the countertop to gain more vertical distance as clearance;

By doing all the above they were able to create a clearance of 36'', and we have to wait 3 weeks and till the end of June for the contractor to start the actual job, because he is always full booked up.

It is just so exhausting to argue with the project specialist, designer, manger and contractor. I rejected their 'solution' and told them, if they don't want to admit the mismeasure as the first step, I don't find them trustworthy and can not trust them for any remedy. I ask the cancel the whole contract and I will find my own contractor.

I did not even have the energy to ask for credit for the cabinets modification, but I will file complaint to Lowe's corporate.



First of all, I have to apologize for not being able to read through all the responses, but I appreciate very single poster here for sharing your thoughts and advises.

Especially for those who spent their time to review my older posts. However, sometime it is just very confusing and impossible to incorporate so many different opinions and advises. So what we did is consider all the suggestions, and decided according to our needs. I didn't have to time to post the final design because there are so many work to do with the new house.

Secondly, I never thought people would misunderstood it is a self deprecating sense of humor that we describe ourselves 'lazy' and 'cheap' in our earlier posts. We went to the old store and worked with the same 'designer', because we are too lazy to shop around, and more importantly we had very good experience with Lowe's on our old smaller kitchen projects. We went with the basic line of the appliances, and the most simple and affordable door style of the cabinets, because we are 'cheap'.

Finally, we were asking for tips on how to deal with Lowe's in this particular situation, it is not yet about how to fix the design, but I will post the 'problematic' design here: we went with a U shape with a small island(I really want the seating by the peninsular, and wife insist on that sink not facing wall and kitchen with an island), we gave up on the second fridge/dishwasher idea because of the space limit. It is the Lowe's designer who draw up the design, I just told her that we want to go with U shape, she also thought it is a good option.

In reality, given this layout, there is only 30'' clearance for the red circled part(diagonal distance between the edge of the fireplace hearth and the edge of the peninsular), the parallel vertical distance is only 22'' there. Those numbers I wrote on top are my measurements, those printed were Lowe's contractors'.

I am not going to do a total redesign, it is just to dreadful to deal with all those people. I know it is faster to get replacement door or extra piece of moulding, but I don't think it will be faster to get an order of four cabinets than twenty cabinets.

I would imagine it take at least 3-4 weeks to get the several re-ordered cabinets, then another 3-4 weeks for them to schedule the install, then another 3-4 weeks for the granite countertop to be template and install....

I just don't want to waste another month or two to go through re-desgin and re-order with Lowe's, so I thought I would ask for a percentage of the purchase total as credit(10%?20%?), so I can find a cabinets maker to modify and custom the cabinets I received.



Kitchen designer, Lowe's contractor, Lowe's project specialist, Store manger will go out to check the cabinets and verify the measurement on Tuesday. I probably wouldn't use this particular contractor for my project because the carelessness and non-responsiveness.


I ordered more than 20 Diamond Cabinets from Lowe's, which I planned to have Lowe's install for me. Their contractor came and did the measurement details(I have to pay them $90 for the measurement), and Lowe's designer did the design and ordered the cabinets for me based on their measurement.

I received the cabinets finally, and we had the drywall demo finished today, so we put down blue tape on the floor and tried to figure out the layout of our cabinets. We found a major issue: there is not enough clearance between the end of the peninsular and the fireplace.

We verified all the numbers in the design and found several errors. The cabinets design and order was simply based on wrong and false measurement.

I raised the concern to the designer and the Lowe's liaison via Email regarding one of the major error, the total width of the kitchen, before we finalized and placed the cabinets order. The wrong measurement was still used in the design regardless of my objection. However, there are more errors on measurements than the total width:

1\ The total width of the kitchen is 135'', instead of 137.5'' used in the design and order(as I pointed out in emails before);

2\ The location of the fireplace was marked wrong in the design;

3\ The location of the door to the backyard was marked wrong in the design;

All those relatively small errors add up and there is this major issue now: there is not enough clearance between the edge of the peninsula and the fireplace. Even consider the diagonal cut on the countertop, the diagonal/straight space between those two is not going to be 37.125'' as marked in the design, it is under 30'', which is not going to work.

I am not asking for suggestion on how to adjust the design at this stage, but I wonder how could I protect myself? Any tip for me on how to deal with Lowe's?

Thank you.

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