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What would you put in a basement kitchen?

I am in the planning stages of a renovation and need some kitchen advice. The house we just bought has a walk-out basement that will serve as our family room and playroom. The patio is right off of one of these rooms, and we would keep our grill on the patio. There is currently a small kitchen (6Â wide by 12Â long) along one wall of a windowless hallway between the two main rooms, which would make a great place to prepare food for grilling, not to mention snacks for watching TV, etc. The kitchenette will come in handy in other ways: we need a second fridge because the refrigerator in the main kitchen is tiny, and in a couple of years, we will lose our main kitchen for a year or more during a renovation upstairs.

Our architect and GC suspect that our town will not permit a full kitchen in the basement, but will approve a "wet bar" with a refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, cabinets  i.e., everything except the range. There is some possibility of the kitchen being grandfathered, so even though we are replacing everything, if we leave it in the same basic configuration, we might be able to preserve the full kitchen. I have to decide whether it would be worthwhile to do so.

IÂm leaning toward omitting the range and supplementing with a high-quality portable induction cooktop (like a double-hob CookTek), a countertop oven, and maybe an installed microwave with a fan. I like the idea of more countertop space, and that the appliances are portable so I can bring them upstairs, outside or on vacation.

So what would you do? Try for an installed range, or rely on portables for your cooking needs? General advice on basement kitchens and backup kitchens would be much appreciated as well.

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