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Happy Mothers Day!

13 years ago

Happy Mother's Day to all!

And what did I get? Just the most appropriate gift that made me VERY happy -- the Simple Human paper towel holder! I am sure the other patrons of the restaurant thought that perhaps it was a bit, well, domestic, for a Mother's Day present -- I found it to be not only perfect, but proud of my 16 y/o DD and 14 y/o DS to pick it out all by themselves at BBB! I think they have a bit of the TKO as well!

Not only that, my DH got me a new set of Pfalzgraff dishes TO GO WITH THE NEW KITCHEN! I am verklempt. I am hoping that by next Saturday I can put both gifts to work in the new kitchen!

I knew that y'all would understand my excitement, even if those other diners this morning didn't!

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