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granite counter top installation

11 years ago

I bought some granite counter top pieces at a very good price, so much so that I would not mind if my plans do not work out. It's worth a try.

The main piece is a "L" with a corner cutout for a double sink. I bought the sink and the faucet also, so there should not be a problem with the cutting and fit. The other pieces are smaller and will be joined together and cut to suit the rest of the kitchen. It is a very small kitchen, so it would be I have lots of material, so I could use some for a vanity top.

What tools and blades are recommended for making the cuts? could I use a angle grinder with the appropriate carbide blade for cutting stone, or could I use a circular saw with the same type of blade? Presumably, I could use a honing stone for fine adjustments.

I realize I can't make the same quality of joints as the pros, but I am not overly concerned. The match should be easier in that the color is mostly black and there is little variation in the texture. It's not a high quality kitchen anyways. I would use clamps to pull the joints together. As long as it would look reasonable and will be smooth and tight. Could I buy the jointing kits to match the joint with the base granite color at the big box stores?

Are there any other advice one could give me, or could you direct me to any information source for this job?



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