Starting from scratch on home office design - peacock?

8 years ago

Hi everyone. First, i'll say it's been years since i've been on this board. i frequented it back when we were building our last house, and lately i've been hanging out on the building forum as we're kicking off construction of a new home.

i was hoping you could help me get started planning our home office as i'm really struggling to conceptualize the pieces that will get the room where i want it overall. mind you, they are breaking ground on tuesday, so we have time. :)

the home office is smaller than we originally planned, but it was to preserve symmetry on the exterior. it's about 15x12, with a single window that's slightly off center by about a foot :( it's a 4'x6' window, and the ceilings are 10'. we'll have hard wood floors and white trim and white painted french doors. i've pasted our office floorplan below but we removed the closet and i don't have the updated plans from our builder. he just redlined it out.

so i have layout confusion as well as color scheme confusion and i don't typically get overwhelmed but i'm feeling this room is intimidating me at the moment.

* both DH and i work from home, so we need two full size L-shape desks in here to accomodate 2 monitors each.
* i want to be able to look out the window from my desk, though i don't have to literally be facing directly out or positioned in front of the window.
* i'd prefer DH's desk to not be the main focus as you walk into the room or walk by it because his computer equipment is rather ugly
* i've got it stubbornly in my head that i'd like to feature an interesting vintage or antique settee or large chair.
* i have a ginormous armoire from craigslist i'd like to use for storage and hiding the printer. it's extremely ornate and large. about 7'6" tall and 4'6" wide. i'm going to refinish it.

* i really want to go with a bold peacock theme in this room with a touch of quirkiness, but i want it to still be sophisticated and not look like a costume party. :) i haven't found a peacock room that's perfectly executed in terms of the color balance i'd like yet to use for inspiration.
* by peacock, i am thinking something like MS Plumage on the walls, but then i get stuck after that.
* i've found lots of pictures of gorgeous color combinations from either parties, weddings, or bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms... but i'm having trouble turning that inspiration into an office. as in, i know i need to get some teal, some purple, maybe some taupe, and some metallics for a touch of glamour, but where i get stuck is where do i put all those colors? it's not like i've got blankets and pillows to work with in an office.
*logically, here are the places color can go: wall colors, window treatments, settee fabric, settee frame, armoire, desk chairs, possibly some file cabinets used as end table for the settee... but i'm still stuck on how to apply the colors to those surfaces.

am i making any sense? have i sufficiently come across as a damsel in distress? it's so funny because i'm not afraid of color. i'm a total DIY-er and furniture refinisher, but this room just has me stumped like there's a mental block over my partial vision for the room!

would appreciate any tips to get me started. here are some color schemes that speak to me if it helps:

i dream of this settee :)

too much pop:

then not enough pop (and i'm not loving the chocolate brown):

too silver/gray, but then even if i swapped the silver/gray for taupe, it's mostly just pillows that draw in the color, though i forgot about a rug! that would help with sound in the room too when we're both on calls.

and now here is our office on the floor plan (remember the closet is going away):

and a couple layouts i've toyed with though i don't really like either, and i realize the french doors opening in may be a problem:

wow, ok, if you stuck with me to the end of this post, thank you!

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