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Kitchen Remodel on a ShoeString in Westchester, NY

9 years ago

I have finally settled on a kitchen plan for my 8'x8' kitchen using Ikea Applad cabs. Would really appreciate advice/recome,ndations on the following.

1) Countertops..Veering towards the WilsonArt HD. Is Granite that much better and will the Ikea countertops be strong enough to support it? Could anyone reccomend a fabricator/installer for the WilsonArt? I believe that is the best in the area if I decide to go the granite route. Any other suggestions, please?

2) My condo is above grade, and the kitchen floor is cement. Was thinking of installing Dri-core and then sheet vinyl above that. Question is, a) is it better to use a single sheet of plywood instead b) something between the plywood and vinyl c) Under the cabs or just in the exposed areas and of course under the appliances?

Thanks very much.

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