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Need Door Hardware Advice

11 years ago

We are having the exterior of our house painted. The painters started yesterday. We want to replace the front door hardware. The replacement hardware comes in oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel. The current hardware is polished brass but after 25 years it is tarnished and pitted and looks pretty bad. We have always had a white door, but will probably go with red or dark blue this time. (The house will remain gray and shutters black.) I can't decide what type of finish for the hardware would look best on a red door or dark blue door. I can't picture the oil rubbed bronze with those colors and the satin nickel might stand out too much. I would probably choose polished brass if it came in that finish just because I have seen that done. (Although I know polished brass seems to be out of fashion.)

The hardware replacement only comes in those two finishes and we have to go with that type of hardware because the old one is a funny type of configuration and the one we are considering would fit in that spot. Any help with choice of finishes would be appreciated. I need to choose soon!

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