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Need advice for tile around fireplace

10 years ago


I've been posting under flooring and have decided to post here as I need some advice on what kind [color & tile] I should replace the old tile with. I thought of black galaxy granite to match my counter tops. I live in a 2nd floor condo and am taking up the carpet and tile in the sunroom/foyer area and around the fireplace. It's time to replace the carpet [18 yrs old] and was skeptical at first because I live over somebody but then after talking to my neighbors, it seems that everybody is replacing carpet with hardwood/laminate flooring. I was thinking that maybe I could find a small slab of leftover black galaxy granite to use for the fireplace and in front of it. My floors are going to be in the mid range of brownish color [walnut] I don't want too light or too dark. [been looking at Bruce Fruitwood spice]

This is a real challenge for me as there are so many choices out there! Not 3 or 4 but like 20-25!! Makes it difficult as I need others' opinions. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to spend top dollar!! This is a condo albeit it is my home:)

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