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Hurrican Damage-Roof Repair-5yr. Old Asphalt Shingles

15 years ago

We live in Baton Rouge, La and experienced Hurricane Gustav about 3 weeks ago.(90 mph gusts-pretty scary to be honest) Our home is 5 years old and has Pinnacle Greystone Architectural Shingles. We lost approximately 30 or so shingles in 5 different spots on the roof. I bought 4 bundles of new shingles as well as matching 3 tab shingles for a portion of ridge that needs to be replaced. I have called 4 different roofers and am having a hard time even getting responses from any of them as roof damage in the area was widespread and they are all very busy. At this point I am considering doing the work myself not to save $ but just out of necessity. The roof is fairly steep but not so steep that I would not be able to work on it. I did install 2 "whirly birds"(not sure of the correct name) about 4 years ago and have had no problem with them. (I know this doesn't make me a roofer, just for illustrative purposes as far as ability and familiarity with being on this roof.) I have not done any temporary repairs as we have no leaks and I don't want to further damage the roof with unnecessary holes. The spot that is the worst has about 15 shingles missing in one area and the top of the area extends upward to the top of a slope near a ridge.(It looks like I would need to replace about 10 pieces of shingles on the ridge.) The paper below the shingles is still intact. I would consider myself moderate as far as being handy. Is this something I can do myself? If I were building a small shed or something I would have no hesitations shingling it myself. should I just nail down the nails that were left from the old shingles or pull them out and use some kind of asphalt putty before installing new shingles over the nail holes? Again, I would have no problem paying someone to do it if I could only find someone. I feel like I might do a better job than just some random person who may or may not be qualified to fix it anyway. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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