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Cabico Espresso, Deerfield (KRD) or am I missing something?

9 years ago

Though this is my first post, I promise, I have read hundreds of messages on the boards before posting. I don't know if it's a bad sign that I'm looking at cabinets that aren't often discussed, but I do need the help.

I have a basic design that I've been using to get quotes on cabinets. (We'll tweak it once we've settled on a cabinet line/maker.) I've tried reaching out to local cabinet makers, looking for that fabled "custom cabinets are actually cheaper," but I'm not finding that. My budget is limited, and it's not happening if I don't get it at a low cost. My husband is only barely on board for this.

Right now, I can do Cabico Espresso (Local store), Deerfield (Kitchen Resource DIrect), or Designer's Choice (Cabinet Pro Supply) for between $6-$7k. It's a fair number of cabinets in a small space. I can find little on anything but the Cabico, and what I do find is quite old.

I want Frameless overlay. What I really want is slab doors for a complementary/ transitional look, but I'm open to the Shaker. Medium cherry stain (almost certainly on Maple for cost.) The kitchen is 12 x 9, with three walls. I'm looking at a sort of J shape with a peninsula off one wall. Three corners isn't helping me cost wise, but it's the only way it works.

That's in advance for your thoughtful input!

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