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My bathroom window is tiled over :(

13 years ago

I noticed a little mould problem in my bathroom due to water leaking from the shower. I bought a corner stopper to re-direct the flow of water and thought I would replace all mouldy areas of the bathroom. While doing this a friend awakened me to the fact that I donÂt have proper ventilation (a fan or an open window). So after taking a close look as to where I could install an exit vent for a fan I noticed a window that I had previously dismissed as a common room for the condo. After talking to a neighbour I realised that this window should be the window located in my shower for ventilation, SOME ONE HAD TILED IT OVER. So my question is . . . . any tips on how to demo that area? And make a water proof seal between the shower and the window (the window is still good I assume).

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