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Stained wood for trim / what to do with crown molding?

12 years ago

Hi. Hoping for help and 'fresh perspective'. I am installing a stunning Acacia wood floor. As it goes in, I am 'seeing' stained wood around my windows rather than the white painted trim that I have. The acacia is highly grained and even has some black running through it and I think a wood trim would look great and work with the rustic theme I have going (lots of natural stone, cedar porch adjacent to indoor area, etc.) Anyhow, I already have crown molding up and everything is painted a creamy white from BM called "Indian White". I am willing to do over to get it 'right' but wonder this - if I do the window surrounds in a stained wood (or perhaps even a simple cedar surround) would I also need to make the crown and base boards stained? I dont have baseboard in yet, so that is easy to make whatever, but redoing the crown would take some doing. Wondering if it would look okay to paint the crown the same as the ceiling (my ceiling is a BM color called "Powell Buff"). Walls, FYI are a darkish olivey color by Olympic called "Tweed". Those colors could change, of course, if I need them to. Any advice on the crown molding in particular - how to marry it to wood stain in other trim areas? Thanks!!

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