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Trim (brick mold?) around front door

15 years ago

Hello all - this is my first attempt at posting and I hope you can bear with me if I fail in every way! (Here's hoping its a success...)

Our front screen door decided to blow up from the inside, and has disintegrated to the point where my husband and I broke down and purchased a new one and will have it installed sometime next week. Because the door will look so much better, we thought while we were at it we would also replace all of the trim around the edge of the door. Unfortunately the trim installed before it was not of the highest quality nor was the installation all that great (lots of gaps and poor seals with the caulking). We are hoping to upgrade this a little into a very simple surround.

We don't need a lot of detail, so we thought we might get some plain cedar planks (1x8 would fill the entire space from siding to edge of door) and run them from the bottom up to the top of the door, and then put another cedar plank across the top. We would probably need to also replaced the board at the very top because it is pretty bad also. Would this look too weird? Or should we go with something that is more decorative? My fear here is the seams and all the rotting like we have right now.

Another worry for me - is this more difficult than it sounds? How hard will it be to take out the top board and replace (that's my biggest concern). This is what has me hesitating to try this. I feel pretty good about the other pieces - I know I need to paint them and caulk them to prevent more water damage, but does this sound like a good idea or a terribly bad idea?

Here are a couple of pics of the current trim and of the top board (this is my first time trying to attach photos so I hope this works).

~My husband and I are pretty much clueless when it comes to home repair, so any help and advice would be much appreciated~



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