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Background sheets..homemade or not?

23 years ago

I was wondering if any of you make your own scrapbooking papers? I saw somewhere, that you can scan wrapping paper, leaves & flowers, fabric, ect. on your scanner to make your own background paper. I also just caught the end of someone on the Carol Duval show the other day showing her way of making her background sheets using stamp pads and a bryer. Has anyone else done this or do you prefer to buy the preprinted, background papers at the store? I would love to hear your ideas and experinces! Sherry

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  • joelle from France
    23 years ago

    We would like to be able to buy our paper here in France, but there is a really poor choice (only some paper pizzaz and very expensive) So it is a good way for us to have original and acid-free paper using color copy. We can copy fabrics, wrapping paper (some are really cute but not acid free), a friend of mine copied dried leaves, I saw in a magazine, you can put little things in a clear plastic drawer and copy them (like jelly beans, buttons, cookies... funny isn't it ?) but not tried yet.
    You can scan your papers too, but in my opinion is a lower quality, but I suppose it depends on your scanner and printer!
    We are very interested by others ideas to make our home-made SB paper. really!
    hello from France

    if you want to visit my site, here is the link:

    Here is a link that might be useful: La page du Scrapbook'coeur!

  • Penny
    23 years ago

    I often scan not only some special paper I want two sheets of and only have one but I have also scanned children's books, window clings, both of these are great for die cuts and pages. I am planning on scanning my son's favorite shirt and then mounting his picture of him wearing it on the page, birthday wrapping paper for the same birthday photos, etc. etc. I have even scanned photos and scrapped them when it became too expensive to get them recopied. I have also scanned templates that I wanted to share with someone in the mail but I didn't have two of them so they get the scanned page and can cut their own template out of mylar using my sheet as a pattern. Penny

  • sherry
    Original Author
    23 years ago

    I knew if I came to you guys you'd have some great ideas! I have been watching and reading this forum since it began and I enjoy all your ideas! Now I can't wait to go gather some things up to try and copy them.....cookies and jelly beans...who'd of thunk it!? And the baby shirt idea...cute!! Thanks for getting me going... Sherry

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