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need help with home insulation please

12 years ago

First off, my apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I couldn't find a forum on insulation.

My home heat and cooling bills are astronomical in the prime seasons. After checking one wall to fix a hole in the sheet rock I found there to be NO insulation and I can only assume there to be no insulation in any of the exterior walls. The attic has some blown in insulation but it appears to be very shallow in depth (I can plainly see the rafters).

I have about a 2 ft crawlspace under the house and there is nothing under there but hard dirt (no vapor barrier) and no insulation on the bottom of the floors.

If it is 91 degrees outside you can believe its at least 93 inside the house even though the AC is running constantly. If, in the winter, it's 32 outdoors you can bet I can't get the heat up much past 62 unless I run some infrared heaters at the same time.

Is my attic holding heat ? Would an attic fan help move the air up there ? Should I insulate the floor under the house ? I am at wits end about cutting heating and cooling costs and I am really tired of sweating and freezing indoors......

ps, house was built in 1964 and still has the old original uninsulated windows with the wood frame.

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