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mixing granite with calacatta backsplash?

10 years ago

Dear GW-ers,

I have been lurking and reading the GW kitchen forums for over 2 years now. You all have been such a great resource of information and inspiration!

We finally got our cabinets purchased a few weeks ago: Inner Most white shaker cabinetry from Home Depot (HD gave us a deal we couldn't refused.)

We also purchased river white granite countertop as well and planning on white subway tiles for the backsplash. So , we thought we were done on that front.


Funnily (or not so,) as I scoured the internet for ideas and to get clear on appliances, what became clearer to me is that I really really really love the look of calacatta countertop and backsplash. Calacatta just makes my heart sing, I just go oooooh and fluttery whenever I see a beautiful kitchen with it. I simply love the vision of having a Calacatta countertop and one solid piece of Calacatta backsplash above the range and behind our chimney hood.

I went to many stoneyards in our area and discovered that if I switch to calacatta countertop and backsplash instead of the river white, I will have to double my countertop/backsplash budget. That's definitely one aspect I want to carefully consider besides the upkeep of marble countertop.

After checking on GW and reading oodles of pros and cons online about marble vs. granite, and doing some stress test on the samples I got, I discovered that:

1. I prefer the polished calacatta look vs. honed. So, that's kinda a bad news, right, since honed marble is advised for countertop.

2. I am concerned about dings and chips on the countertop because well... stuff happens in kitchen. We are quite careful people in the kitchen, but still we do use the kitchen on a daily basis, three to four times a day.

3. I don't like man-made material like corian, caesarstones or silestones

Isn't it fascinating how one can discover new things about oneself in the process of remodelling?

I realized that it is so important to me that my countertop look polished and ding-free for at least in the next 5 years. I am not expecting it to be forever perfect, but I would like to be able to enjoy the shiny material and clean lines for many years to come.

So, I am wondering whether it will be a good idea to consider using a white granite or quartzite as the workhorse countertop and put one Calacatta slab piece (not in tile form) for the backsplash above the range and behind the chimney hood, and to keep reign in cost, I am thinking of using daltile glass subway tiles for the rest of the backsplash.

I did many hours of research for possible white countertop that could possibly go with a Calacatta:

White quartz by Concetto @iconstonetile:

White Pearl quartzite

Super white quartzite

white princess granite

(any other suggestions?)

The trouble is I couldn't find any photos online of such combo of granite + calacatta. So, probably that's a sign that this is a bad idea to begin with.

If you have ideas or thoughts or photos, I would so appreciate hearing from you!

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