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Concrete for setting posts is overrated

Tarun Kapoor
9 years ago

I am a newbie to building fence. I read up on a lot of forums over the internet to figure out which posts can resist rot and what is the best way to set up posts and the majority of the content believes that posts should be set in concrete.

Attached is the picture of treated posts that i took out. These old posts were set in the ground without gravel, cement or anything else. The posts had been touching dirt for 10+ years .The property was so badly maintained that all the water always drained towards the posts. Despite all this, I see no rot.

Before i knew demolished the old fence i moved the posts around with my hands and they were so stable that i would have bet they are set in concrete. So, the stability argument for concrete isnt as promising as people make it to be.

Just thought i'd share this experience.

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