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New to this forum... Basement leak

16 years ago

Hello, GW neighbors, I usually hang out in the Decorator's Forum. I have a two or maybe three fold problem in my basement. We bought the house knowing it was a mess down there (behind the wall), from previous water damage. We and our realtor believed the previous owner when she said she invested a lot in drainage repairs. I think she likely did... they improved matters (evidently), but didn't solve all the problems.

Here's the problem, it appears that there's some water coming in from the foundation (footer drains are good and have been redone, but I think the roofing people tied the guttering into the foundation drains - real smart).

However, there's a crack in the area where the gas line is coming into the house and, following the water pattern on the wall, it seems very compelling that that's the main source of the water... if you look at the picture, the water damage is only on that side (other sides of the room are dry as a whistle).

So, it could be one or the other or both.

I'm trying to figure out how to proceed.

I want to re-do the gutters so that the water runs off above ground. We want to do rain barrels and don't mind black hose running around while we dry out the basement, anyway.

#2, we're going to have the gas company look at the meter and see what they say (I think since it's their line coming in, they ought to fix that and save me the frightening job of dealing with a big gas line).

#3 Drylock the whole bloody basement (I'm in the process of ripping down all the drywall - taking pictures as I go), Level and epoxy the floor, leave the walls open (instead of drywalling again).

Am I missing something?

The water proofing guys and the city water folks said that they didn't think I had enough water to warrant a sump pump or even a channel system.

Wanna see the ugly pictures? (the black stuff is not mold, it is old toxic black adhesive - nice, huh? - don't worry I'm wearing goggles and a respirator and the room is sealed off and ventilated.

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