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insulating my crawl space: spray foam or fiberglass batts?

11 years ago

I have a 110 yr old home in the Pacific NW, built with beam and post construction. About 25% of the house footprint has a full basement with concrete walls and floor; the rest of the substructure is vented crawlspace over a on-grade dirt floor with wooden walls. The crawl space beams are mounted in concrete.

My wood floors are very cold in the winter. I also have seen evidence of rats in the crawl space and basement.

The crawl space currently has fiberglass batts installed between the joists, fiberglass wrapped heating ducts and a vapor barrier on the ground. In addition to the rodents, none of the crawl space insulating elements were well installed. They are old dirty and need to be removed, the area cleaned and new insulation installed.

To solve the rodent problem (removing the fiberglass for potential rat nesting areas), to get proper R-value insulation and to get a permanent solution I am very interested in having spray foam installed in the crawl space.

I want advice on whether or not the foam is the best thing to do. I appreciate that foam insulation is more costly, but having to do it only once rather than every 5 to 10 years makes it a better value. This house will be my long-term residence I have no intention to sell or move - ever.


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