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Painted slab doors in a transitional/traditional kitchen?

12 years ago

It's too soon for me to be thinking about finishes but I can't help myself... lol.

Is it possible to have slabs (preferably painted) in a kitchen that looks up-to-date yet is not modern in design? Does anyone have pictures of painted slab doors? (I find that I can't search the current FKB for door style... please redirect me if I'm wrong. I do see that that will be a search option with the redesigned FKB, and thank you all very much for that.)

I am not going to be aiming for a retro/vintage look (no steel cabs, no rounded/pillow edges), but MCM/modern/Euro is not really what I want either. I have been assuming I would use flat recessed panel (Shaker) doors on frameless ceiling-height cabs, with simple crown molding and possibly beadboard backsplash (we have BB elsewhere in the house). But slabs have no crevices to catch dust and drips, which I like very much about our current cab doors; plus they would be faster to paint. Could slabs on frameless cabs fit that sort of transitional look as well? Or would they look incongruous next to crown +/- beadboard, as I suspect? Our house is, um, architecturally neutral (read: no style) but the original interior doors are recessed flat panels (2 big panels with a cross piece), and most of the woodwork is painted white.


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