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Refrigerator Water Dispenser Stopped Working

17 years ago

The water dispenser in my 2+ year-old GE refrigerator model #GSS25SGPSS stopped working all of a sudden. The ice maker still works. The light still comes on and I can hear something happening in the bottom of the fresh food section when I press the lever. I felt the tubing inside the FF section and it doesn't feel anywhere near frozen.

Facing the back of the fridge, the water line comes into the top left of the fridge, where I'm guessing the inlet valve is(?). Then, one line down to the bottom left where I assume the tank is(?). Then, one line from the tank up to the top right of the freezer side, where the ice maker is.

I've read it could be the inlet valve, but without taking it apart, I only see one line in and one line out of the inlet valve, not one for the water and one for the ice. So with the ice maker getting water, how could it be the inlet valve?

Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions?

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