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second roof-what should i be asking when getting quotes?

16 years ago

I had a sales rep comes to my house for window quotes. I figured I'd ask for a roof quote. Untrue to form, I didn't do any research before asking for the quote. Rep told me there isn't much to it. Basically just put the second layer over the first using nails. Can anyone help me by telling me what I should be asking when I get these quotes?

My home is a 20 yer old 2 story contemporary colonial. Left side of the house has cathedral ceilings (no living area above). Bedrooms are on the right side upstairs with standard height ceilings. The roof line over the cathedrals start out about 3 feet lower than the right side of the house and is about 5 feet lower at the peak. Little hard to describe. Anyway, footprint is 35x35. Rep quoted $3800 for Certainteed 30 year shingles. Is this a fair price and should I anticipate the cost could go up substantially once they go up there if they find other damage?

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