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Kitchen reno is finally real.

8 years ago

We ordered cabinets today!

Maybe, just maybe, I might finally get a good night of sleep.

I went in to HD to order our Innermost cabinets at 8:30 this morning to do 'a few small changes' and a fairly major change to my island. They updated the software a couple days ago and some functions were broken. That part was not fun. At 2pm, I was just about done, but had another engagement. I tag teamed with DH and he came and finished up. I think we finally got the order in about 3:30.

Kendall, Natural Cherry
24 'cabinets', including 18 drawers, a few roll outs, moving some floors/doors around, etc. Thanks to everyone here for the great ideas.

We also put some granite on hold yesterday (Mesquite).

This thing is really happening!

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