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Any recommendations for Daytona, FL area?

14 years ago

We are planning on doing a mini redo on a condo in the Daytona area that belonged to my inlaws. There is an indoor/outdoor carpet in the kitchen. We want to tile the floor in the kitchen, a hallway, and the half bath opposite the kitchen. We also want to change out the toilet and vanity in the half bath. We will not be touching the cabinets in the kitchen.

We are going to get new dishwasher, and range but want to keep the fridge. The fridge is a built-in. The fridge is the main reason I want to find a contractor familiar with kitchen reno and not just a tile guy. I want someone who knows how to move the built-in fridge. It is 18 years old, but it is in beautiful shape, and it would cost thousands to replace it. If anyone knows of a good kitchen/bathroom company in the Daytona area, please let me know here or at


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