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Custom Panel Appliances--What type of pulls?

14 years ago

We are installing a Liebherr HC-2062 refrigerator, Miele G2872 SCVi LaPerla dishwasher, and KitchenAid KUCS03FTOPA which are fully integrated...and an undercounter SubZero UC-24R which has a paneled front, but isn't truly integrated.

We a having quite a time finding Appliance Pulls. We are probably going with TopKnob Princetonian pulls for the cabinet drawers and will probably use some peg-style knobs for the majority of the cabinet doors.

I can get a Miele handle for the dishwasher, the DS4044, which looks much like the Princetonian pulls, but seems larger than we need for the dishwasher. It is also a perfect match for the Miele oven we are fact IS the handle which comes stock on the oven.

I suppose we could even use multiples of that handle for the freezer drawers and refrig doors on the Liebherr fridge, but seems overkill...and pricey....and maybe too same-o, same-o.

How substantial and bulky of a handle is needed? Can standard cabinets pulls be used...or used for some appliances, like the Trash Compactor? If so, which appliances?

We are considering the Topex Hardware Italian Designs Wide Appliance Pull which comes in 4 lengths: 7", 12", 19.25", and 32". If so, maybe the 7" for the Trash Compactor and undercounter SZ, 12" for the dishwasher...

Would 12" for the freezer drawers look too small? Then 19.25 for the Liebherr FD fridge???

Any help/advice....suggestions appreciated. We have been looking for some time...but a decision is needed soon.

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