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15 years ago

My DS is 14 and has really messy handwriting.

I have spoken to him about this, saying that it is important to have legible handwriting etc, etc.

It is troubling in maths, because he can get answers wrong, because the teacher can't read them.

I have spoken to the teachers about this, but they dont have any ideas on how we can improve the situation.

I wonder if there could be something wrong with him ?

Has anyone else had this problem, and can you please help me to come up with some ideas on how I can encourage him to take more care ?

I think he is in a hurry when he does his work, which may be the key to it.

When I talk to him about it, he says he will try harder and does for a microsecond and then its back to the old ways.

What words or encouragement, can I use ?



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