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New kitchen layout dilemma (pics)

13 years ago

We found a local custom builder that we like working with so far. We are struggling with our layout and need a nudge. Please offer your opinions!

Samples of the builders work - these are from a multi-million dollar "parade of homes" house in Tampa. We liked the look and feel. We are going for old-world Tuscany.

In this sample house, the design includes a drawer microwave (Dracor?). This is our major struggle, where to put the microwave.

Here is our floor plan (the builder does not use a computer). You can see that the cooktop/oven/hood is the focus point.

Here is the refrigerator wall view:

Oven wall view:

Island view - the back uses "v-board" to conceil additional 9" storage space.

His design includes a microwave drawer. However, after reading about them and talking to local appliance stores, we decided against this (auto-openers break frequently, doors open slowly, explensive). We are not sure how to proceed. Here are the options we've discussed:

* Under-counter in the island: this will require us to move the trash drawer, which is not good. Also, there is only room for a 24"(ish) cabinet for the microwave. Finally, the choices of microwaves are limited to small counter-top models.

* Under-counter by the refrigerator: with this option we will loose a good portion of drawer space, but it allows us to mount anything. We like the Advantium wall ovens (but too expensive!!) and wonder if we could mount an OTR Advantium here?

* OTR microwave mounted by the refrigerator. We aren't crazy about the OTR look, but could certainly live with it. The cabinets on this wall are 15" deep, so we could get away with an OTR Advantium, or mount a smaller counter-top model (GE Profile) in a cubby.

Now after browsing here for a while, my mind is racing in other directions entirely! After seeing this kitchen remodel...

Cook kitchen!

...I noticed they have a similar space to ours. They opted to keep the 30" range and shoved it in the corner. It is not a center focal point, but it looks good there! They also kept the sink along the wall, which keeps the island completely open for food prep. The microwave is undermounted in the island.

Should I consider a complete do over like this? I think my cabinet maker might have a heart attack!

Please help with a little nudge and creative prodding! I'll close this post by showing a couple simple drawings I created in Visio to help show some options.

Here is an option of creating a "cooking tower". This closes down the look somewhat and reduces counter space.

Here is the OTR option by the frig. We would probably center the microwave rathern than mounting like this though.


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