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private vs public school education

walter snow
22 years ago

I am responding to the discussion group regarding the above topic.I am 45 years old and attended public school in Boston,I later recieved a BA and an MBA.However both of my daughters attend Catholic school and they will until they've graduated from High School,for many very good reasons1.Any child with a"behavioral issue" is removed from the school,this enables the other students to learn!Sorry for my lack empathy,but my kids are my primary responsbility!2.The total focus of the school is on Academics, today in the world there are a lot of family problems that make learning much more difficult,that may be, however, every student must maintain satisfactory grades and make a consistent effort to succeed and learn ,everything else is non relevant.3.The Catholic school environment is superior for the "average" student that is to say those kids who need higher levels of expectations for their schoolwork,in a more structured less distracting academic environment.The superior student will be successful irregardless of school type.All for now Walter

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