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Door swings wrong way, can I install it backwards?

16 years ago

Because of the architects mistake, one of my doors came in swinging the wrong way. I took it out and ordered a new one, installed it and it's fine. I own the other door. It cost me $900. I am considering using it in a less important part of the house. This will be going out to a deck from my daughters bedroom. She's going to college next year. She won't even be living here. I would love to save the $900. The reason I want to install it backwards is because it swings the wrong way for her room too. It is an Anderson door. The exterior is clad with metal to weather the elements. The interior is wood that need to be painted. I figured that I could just paint it more often or I could try to cover the wood with copper flashing. Is that a big mistake? Or does anyone need an Andersen terratone door with glass inset?

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