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huge architect bill not disclosed by contractor

8 years ago

we're doing a renovation of our master suite including bathroom. we're vaulting the ceiling, and apparently because of the funky framing of the house only revealed at demolition, the contractor wanted to get an architect involved to see what our options were.

at first, it was the contractor expressing our interests to the architect, who came back after about a week with a drawing for the changes. certain things had not been discussed with us, so we asked to directly speak with the architect who then made changes we were happy with...along with a bill for $2400. $1700 was for the first iteration made with the contractor, then another $700 after he got it right speaking directly with us and doing a new drawing.

is this something i can bring up with the contractor to relieve some of the cost, or do we just eat it? it was never discussed the architect's hourly rate. are there any rules about this?

any advice is appreciated!

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