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Home exterior design recommendations?

9 years ago

Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to read this message. My wife and i just bought a lovely 1919 frame bungalow outside of Chicago. As you can see in the attached picture, the house has white vinyl siding and a front porch which has grey synthetic flooring and a front also covered with siding. Originally we wanted to take the siding off the front of the porch and change it to vertical rungs, but after meeting with a contractor that isn't as simple (or cheap) as we were expecting.

Anyways, we are considering painting the siding to a different color than white. We think the white looks good, but not GREAT. The problem is, we're having a hard time deciding if changing the color would make it look great, or just look out of place with the home. I was hoping you all could give me your opinions. I would really really appreciate it! Unless you all have another suggestion, we were considering either a green color ( , or a blue color ( We were thinking we could keep the trim around the windows white, and it would provide nice contrast to the color. We would also replace the lattice under the porch - any suggestions besides simply putting new lattice in?

Also, we have heard that when painting white siding to a darker color, you can have issues when the siding undergoes temperature changes (due to changes in absorbance from the paint color). We have also heard there is special paint to address this issue - has anyone heard whether this adequately addresses the issue?

THANK YOU so much for your advice and I hope you all have a wonderful holidays!

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