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Screened Porch Floor...need ideas please.

14 years ago

Below are photos of my screened porch. Just moved in May 2008, so all I've done is got my basic outdoor furniture back there so far. I do plan to add hanging plants and do a little more decorating back there next year. The porch is 12x20.

The issue is the floor. It's concrete. It's got black stains various throughout, and smoothed over in spots with concrete filler/leveller. Not visually appealing to me.

As you can see from the photos I took this morning during a rainstorm, water does come in...but it's got to be heavy rain...and what you see in the photo is about the worst it gets, so it's not terrible wet & it dries quick. The floor also gets very dirty & I'm sweeping every week.

I'm really wanting a large outdoor area rug, but I guarantee it will get trashed in 1 I'm looking for other options.

I've thought about installing some kind of tile. I've thought about grinding/smoothing and staining the concrete. I don't know. Anyone have any creative ideas???? What would you do??





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